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Check out my sister’s filmmaking + work documenting US-Israeli cluster bombs in Lebanon

July 16, 2009

my sister, viva, is extraordinarily talented and just set up a new website showcasing her work.

I just started working on a new documentary film with my good friend and colleague →Kike Arnal. This project features victims of cluster bombs in Lebanon. The cluster bombs were littered across villages in Lebanon by Israel in their attempt to squelch Hizbu’llah resistance in the summer of 2006. It’s a topic no one hears about and one the American media has forgotten. These bombs are full of small pieces of shrapnel that explode on impact and lodge into whoever stumbles upon the bomb. This leads to amputations, mutilations and burnings, if not fatalities. Only recently did the US declare these weaponsillegal. But the damage is done and the debris of war continues to ravage the country – the siege on Lebanon might be over for now, but there are bombs still buried in fields where children play and crops where people work to make their living.

Kike and I are working on a short piece to use as a pitch for broadcast (maybe with →LinkTV) and possibly some funding for us to go back to Lebanon and meet up with the people in the interviews and see how their lives are now, a few years later…

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