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Hope Lives in Gaza, Despite Crushing Seige

July 27, 2009
Palestinian Woman in Gaza, courtesy of the Alternative Information Center

Palestinian Woman in Gaza, courtesy of the Alternative Information Center

My dear Aussie colleague Anthony Loewenstein is back in Palestine, now reporting from the occupied and sealed Gaza strip. His latest post is fascinating and broad-viewed; I wish more foreign journalists had his courage and impassioned pursuit of the truth.

An excerpt (please read the entire post):

Unlike previous wars against Gaza, this recent round affected the rich and the poor, including factory owners and merchants. Nour Salah, a 29-year-old psychologist, said that the sexual, physiological and spiritual damage caused by the battle runs deep in the community. UNRWA head John Ging explained to me calmly about administering aid and legal readdress to the people of Gaza. I’ve rarely been so inspired by anybody as hearing Ging talk about not indulging in the personal challenges of missing his family and focusing on the Gazan people. His rationality in the face of such carnage was almost incomprehensible.

Visiting the El-Wafa hospital, shelled during the war, showed me that humiliation remained a key objective of the Israelis. Two, nearly completed wards were shelled in January, rendering them unusable for the foreseeable future. I saw a man in a coma, with no legs and mangled stomach, keeping his eyes and mouth permanently open. Thousands of similar cases were across the Strip, and this rehabilitation hospital was one of the few places to receive treatment. Israel and Egypt rarely opened their borders to let them through.


The war may be over but the battle is ongoing.

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