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Back in Bethlehem

February 25, 2010

Hi folks,

After countless hours traversing our little spinning watery planet, i’m back in bethlehem.

Time is an odd thing. From the expanding construction of the wall, to the cascading fortresses of the settlement colonies spilling over hillsides, to the PA forces out on the streets in droves, to little kids walking to school, to conversations with old friends that picked up fluidly right where they left off last year, it’s all kind of strangely familiar. They installed a new streetlight on the main road to central Bethlehem, but besides that, everything’s just pretty much the same. Oh, and there are TONS of brand-new BMWs and Mercedes Benz’s cruising all over this city. A friend of mine said that “downtown” Bethlehem now is like the Champs-Elysees of the West Bank. All that PA money, coming from the US and filtered through the Israeli administration, is doing wonders to sub-contract and normalize the occupation. Keeping it “maintained” from within, a brilliant move by Israel and the US — whose Lt. Keith Dayton of the CIA is training these PA forces in “counter-terrorism” (against their own people) in Jordan. Genius, and absolutely devastating.

This afternoon, I bought some essential groceries and started to plan out some ideas for stories. It’s going to be a fruitful and interesting month — stay tuned.

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