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a treat

February 28, 2010

last night, after a day of story-gathering and falling back into my palestine habit of smoking too many cigarettes over lunch and dinner, areej and i and a group of our friends went to hear a concert kicking off Israeli Apartheid Week conferences and actions with local musicians playing pieces by the late, great Egyptian musician Sheikh Imam. it was absolutely gorgeous. afterwards, we went to dinner with a large group of people, including Mohammed Diab, leader of the internationally-renowned Palestinian group al-Asheqeen (based in London). Mohammed, born a refugee in Yarmouk camp in Syria, graced us with a few traditional Palestinian songs in the restaurant. Here’s a clip of one. Enjoy.

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  1. Bill Carlin permalink
    February 28, 2010 6:37 am

    Watching the background activity one would assume that breaking out into song in public is an okay thing to do. Back in the day, I would see this in ethnic neighborhoods but only from the old, original immigrant elders. There’s not enough singing, sad or glad. I guess the only way to get away with singing in public without getting locked up, “for one’s own protection” of course, would be to have a conspicuous iPod and headphones.

    thanks for the video!

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